Holiday Home Insurance


Why should I get holiday home insurance?

It is extremely unlikely that standard home insurance will cover the insurance on your holiday home. People recognize holiday homes to be extremely risky for numerous reasons, such as:

  • It is difficult to stay on top of external damages as you are away from the holiday home, for example weather conditions and frozen pipes.
  • Unoccupied homes are targets for thieves and squatters
  • Tenancy, especially problems when they are let out

What do I need covered for my holiday home if it is rented out?

You need to check that your holiday insurance covers an array of circumstances:

  • If you are still covered when properties are unoccupied up to 30 days.
  • Boats and other special homes are covered by specialized insurance
  • You need to add emergency cover for your holiday home insurance if needed

How can I ensure I get the best holiday home insurance?

You can ensure you get the best holiday insurance by clicking through the link on the site.  This will give you a comparison of various insurance brokers; this allows you the best opportunity to get the best quote for you.  When considering your quote take into account what you need in your policy and how much you can afford to budget it for. It will be highly probable that you will find the best holiday home insurance through our link.

How much buildings insurance do I need for my holiday home?

This will cover the cost of the entire rebuilding of your home. For example, a house swimming pool the insurance plan will cover the entire plot. The rebuild value is never the same as the market value. Any mortgage you take it should undertake an evaluation to assess the rebuild value.

Many companies offer an online calculator for you to assess your re build value online, however this is a difficult process and it would be advised to get “Unlimited” cover.

Contents cover for your Holiday home

This takes into account all the holidays that were situated inside your holiday home if something went wrong. Make a checklist when you sign up to this contents cover, take into consideration all your rooms and belongings, then submit it to the insurance company. Contents cover can go void if the house is unoccupied and if you leave expensive possessions in the house. For example, when you leave your holiday home do not leave a computer on display; this will lead to your insurance becoming void.

How to achieve cheaper holiday home insurance

Even though this is dependent on the holiday home you are insuring it can still be lowered by undertaking a few steps.

  • Take into consideration all quotes
  • Fit your home with renowned security appliances
  • Keep the home well maintained to prevent any freezing pipes or mould.
  • Perhaps spread policies between numerous firms.
  • Try to pay your insurance all at once; paying in installments tends to be more expensive.

Compare holiday home insurance quotes

Compare holiday home insurance allows you to carefully assess the different insurance policies available.

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