Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best Truck Insurance Rates


Trucking insurance is different than any other kind of insurance. Oftentimes, trucking insurance is more expensive, because there are many risks involved. When it comes to judging and analyzing risk, insurance companies will look at a number of factors, like the driver’s record, the payload the truck is hauling and how big the truck is. So, if you are on a bootstrap budget, or are trying to start a trucking business, it is important to look for the best truck insurance rates. When it comes down to it, truck insurance is critical, because it will protect other drivers and your own. Here are the top five tips for getting the best truck insurance rates.

  1. Make sure that your driving record is clean as a whistle. Not only that, but if you have a trucking fleet, you want to make sure that each and everyone of your drivers has a clean record. Also, if you are starting a new trucking business and are hiring new drivers, you want to make sure that having a spotless driving record is a prerequisite to applying. When you apply for trucking insurance, an insurance company, like Great West Casualty, will look at the records of each and every employee.
  2. Make sure that your trucks are all services and maintained. Another risk factor is trucks that are not in tip-top shape. Insurance companies consider these vehicles risks, because there is a greater chance of damages or a collision. So, make sure that you have protocols in place to maintain vehicles. For instance, you want to make sure tires are in excellent shape, brakes are lubricated and other elements are in place. It is recommended to have an annual fleet inspection and then record the results for insurance purposes.
  3. Make sure that you can combine different forms of insurances and policies. When it comes down to it, there may be one type of insurance for payload protection and another for collision. Sometimes, combining these policies can be much more affordable. If you are a solo trucker and working for yourself, you may want to think about combining your life, health and other forms of insurance. Bundled packages are often more affordable, because they are less of a hassle to manage.
  4. Make sure to compare quotes. When it comes down to it, you want to compare different quotes before you settle on one insurance company. If you want to wind up with the best rate, you want insurance companies to bid for your business. You can often get much better deals if you go with the third or fourth company you find and then take that quote back to your first choice.
  5. Make sure to be honest and give the company straight answers when it comes to past experience with insurance companies. A new insurance company will wonder why you stopped doing business with another company. If you give them shaky answers, you could wind up getting a higher rate. The more to the point you are and the more honest you are, the better your rate will be.


5 Things You Should Know About Small Business Insurance

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If you’ve finally decided to give up the 9-to-5 job that’s got you so miserable and give your entrepreneurial vision a try, your best ally is research. Chances are if you’re willing to take the plunge you’ve got what you think is a million dollar idea, the work ethic to make it successful and the experience to know what it takes to make it in your industry. With all three in place and a bit of startup funding you should be able to make that vision a reality. But if you don’t insure your small business, you could make what seems like a tiny misstep only to find your dreams and your finances destroyed through a lengthy lawsuit. It’s a simple reality of doing business these days, even though it may sound more like a doomsday prophecy. So here are five things you should know about small business insurance, just to get you started.

First and foremost, do you know what business insurance actually is? There are a wide variety of coverage types you could go after as a small business owner, and business insurance encompasses them all. In general, the point is to protect you as the business owner and your personal finances from any losses your business might suffer. Small business insurance will offer some protection against legal claims filed against your company. It can potentially cover your vehicles and business property from loss, damage or theft and can even give you the groundwork for offering health insurance and workers’ compensation programs.

So why exactly do you need business insurance? Well, if it isn’t clear by now it just comes down to whether or not you want to protect your assets. Even if your small business involves you working from an extra room in your house with no product stock to speak of, there are still assets that could be lost in a lawsuit. In fact, the smaller your business the more likely that your corporate veil can be broken. There are so many risks to your business that you might not have even thought about, and you’ll need every protection to insure your company can get through those early days.

The next thing you need to know is the various types of business insurance that are available to you. Most people start by looking over property and casualty plans, which will protect your business address and all things in it. Some companies will add liability insurance on top, which can protect you in case someone gets injured at your place of business. You can also obtain workers’ compensation, commercial auto, life and disability or business interruption insurance, all of which might come in handy for your needs. You’ll have to go over each product in detail to make sure you aren’t overreaching, but take the time to learn the in’s and out’s of each one before locking in your policy.

With all of those options on the table, you might be wondering if you can find a policy that combines two or more of those insurance options. The short answer is yes, of course you can. Look for insurance companies that offer a BOP, or business owner’s policy. This is a good option as you grow your small business to something larger, and usually bundles liability, casualty, property and business interruption policies into one document. You’ll pay less than if you purchased them all separately, and if you use your current personal insurance provider you might be able to save even more.

So how exactly should you go about buying business insurance? This isn’t something you’re going to want to do through a form on a website. Ideally, find a company that will put you in touch with one of their insurance professionals. Look for a brokerage house that specializes in business insurance, and try to find someone recommended by previous business associates or the local Chamber of Commerce. Come to that meeting prepared with specifics about your business, and some idea of what you can pay.


Understanding Priorities In Your Finances: Three Situations Where A Quick Cash Loan Is A Bad Idea


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People that have unexpected expenses can count on a quick loan to get them the money that they need, when they need it.  The problem with the easy access to money that payday companies provide is that the money is so easy to get that people forget about the cost of paying the money back.  For a lot of people the payday loan system works well, and they are able to avoid catastrophe and get the money that they need for emergency expenses.  Other borrowers do not understand the costs associated with the loan and fall into a debt cycle that they cannot escape.  Once all of the costs have been calculated many people might have been better off to have avoided the entire situation from the beginning, so it is vital that payday loans are only take out for legitimate reasons.


Luxury Items


An item is a luxury item if it is not necessary to the health and well-being of the person using it, meaning that things such as video game systems, televisions or luxury parts for a vehicle.  When you choose to use a payday loan to make those kinds of purchases you are severely limiting your financial well-being in the future, and crippling your ability to make sound financial decisions.  The best thing that you can do in this situation is to either save money on your own or to purchase the items via a layaway or rent to own program.  This will enable you to get the things that you want, but you will be able to control your costs.


Things That Can Wait


Most people get paid at least every other week, or on the first and fifteenth of the month.  If you are one of those people you know exactly when your next check is coming in, and you know about how much that check is going to be.  When an unexpected expense come up you might be tempted to freak out and try to take care of it right away, but the truth is that many of those expenses can wait a day or two.  If you know that you will get your paycheck on Friday and you get a notice on Thursday saying that your electricity will be cut off on Monday there is no reason to rush out and get a short term loan to cover the cost.  You would be much better off waiting until payday to pay that bill so that you can avoid the fees associated with payday loans.


Regular Expenses


If, during the course of the average month, you find that you need to take out a payday loan to meet your financial obligations every month, you have a problem.  A payday loan is supposed to be a quick solution for people who need short term help for unexpected expenses.  If taking out a payday loan is part of your monthly plan, then you need to figure out a better way to handle your finances.  Consider taking on a new job or eliminating some expenses from your budget so you do not have to pay the high fees that come with taking out a payday loan.  Your financial future will be much more secure if you can control when you take out a payday loan.


Payday loans are a good thing for people with bad credit that face financial hardships and have no other way to overcome those hardships.  The problem that so many people have is they take out more loans than they can afford to repay or they take out loans on things that they do not need.  By indentifying the situations where a payday loan is a bad idea, borrowers will be able to protect themselves and their financial future.



I am Hugh Gordon, retired manager of a payday loan company.  Over the years I have seen people make positive changes in their lives with good payday loan management, and I have seen families lose their homes because they could not handle their payday loans.  When I am asked about who I trust for payday loan services, I point my friends and family to Loan Ranger quick cash loans at quick-cash-loans.

5 Ways to Cut Costs on Office Space for Your Business

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As you may have discovered throughout the course of running a business, the costs associated with a physical office location can quickly cut into your bottom line. As a result, you may be looking for options that allow you to significantly reduce your costs in this area. And it just so happens that you’re not the only one, which means you hardly have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, there are all kinds of ways to slash your expenditures where your office space is concerned, and here are just a few that are bound to benefit your business.

  1. Buy in an up-and-coming area. Pockets of urban reclamation provide a unique opportunity for businesses that want to get in on the ground floor of growing communities. Whether you’re running a retail storefront or seeking a space to establish an office for your business headquarters, this could provide you with the low-cost real estate you’re seeking as well as the potential for a major increase in property value over time. And you could help to contribute to job opportunities for area residents, provide a draw for professionals to come to the area, and basically help to improve the urban landscape in an area that is on its way to flourishing once again.
  2. Offer telecommuting. In this era of mobile communications, there are probably certain positions within your company that don’t require people to be in the office day in and day out. In this case, you may want to allow certain employees to work from home, telecommuting in for conference calls as needed. This will make for a happy workforce and help you to cut down on necessary office space significantly. Of course, you’ll have to set up some kind of system of checks and balances to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth out of employees working from home, and there is software that can keep tabs on their work through random screen shots, just for example. But in most cases, all you need to do is set deadlines to ensure that work is done in a timely manner and allow your telecommuting employees to set a flexible schedule so long as they meet their timelines.
  3. Lease extra space. If you happen to have a rather large commercial property, you might want to consider cutting down the size of your own workforce and leasing a portion of your space to other business interests as a way to reduce the burden of your mortgage. You might also consider renting out your conference rooms on weekends or evenings when they will otherwise go unused. You may be able to rent your office to clients for their business purposes, to teachers seeking a professional space for classes, or even to community groups looking for a regular meeting space.
  4. Shared offices. A major trend in business right now, especially in large cities where office space is at a premium, is to use shared spaces. In this scenario, you might rent out anything from a single desk in a room full of desks, to a section of an open warehouse setting, to an enclosed office or even a large room in a building where all kinds of businesses reside. You can look for shared spaces that cater to a particular industry or go for a building that will take absolutely any commercial interest. And you’ll only pay for exactly the amount of space you need.
  5. Operate online. Whether you operate your virtual offices in New York, California, or Montana, you’ll save a ton of money by performing your business operations in the online arena as opposed to a brick-and-mortar location. You can not only skip the overhead of a lease, utilities, and extras like office furniture, but you’ll also avoid the liability that comes with conducting business in a physical space. And while you’ll still have to contend with standard costs like payroll, you may also be able to avoid the additional costs of benefits and such when you choose to operate out of a virtual office.

Different Causes for Mortgage Rate Fluctuations


If you’ve been thinking about entering the world of home ownership for the past several years, you’ve probably been keeping a close eye on mortgage rates. And over time you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of fluctuation. This can freeze even a savvy investor in his tracks. How do you know when to apply for a mortgage? Would you get a better rate if you waited six months? If you waited a year? Mortgage rates fluctuate due to the conditions in the market interacting with the state of the economy. It’s a complicated balancing act of actual, real world implications and the emotional reaction borrowers and lenders make based on their expectations. It’s not an exact science, and these expectations can change the mortgage rates just as significantly as a real economic issue can. Here is a look at some of the different causes of mortgage rate fluctuation.

One of the key factors that impact mortgage rates is economic expansion. This is something that hasn’t happened in the United States for quite some time, so you might not remember what it looks like. During an expansion consumers and businesses spend more money, therefore increasing the demand for cash. Expansions causes interest rates to decrease, which in turn make investing or borrowing money less expensive. But during this expansion the market requires more liquid assets. If the government doesn’t adjust the supply of money, inflation balloons prices and hurts consumers and businesses.

Probably far more familiar to the modern investor is economic recession. This is the current situation, and although there have been signs of improvement the American economy is still far from any sort of expansion. During a recession growth stalls and general economic activity plunges. After two quarters of lowering economic activity, the government declares a recession. You’ll see higher unemployment, reduced spending and a lower demand for investment. Interest rates will go up in this case, as lenders try to make the most money they can through each transaction.

General economic issues aside, actions by the Federal Reserve also impact mortgage rates. This is the country’s central bank, which is in charge of managing these cycles with an eye towards stability that lasts for decades. The Federal Reserve has a policy branch, the Federal Open Markets Committee, that can impact the flow of money at any point. By pulling cash in and out of the economy, the FOMC directly impacts mortgage rates.

Based on the actions of the Federal Reserve, private banks then adjust their rates to make sure they are making the necessary return on their business. If a bank can’t make enough profit on a loan, it simply will stop offering that loan. Each bank has a different rate of required return, based on how it capitalized. The lower their capital costs, the less they need to adjust interest rates. But as each bank spends more money to bring in additional funds, they will increase their interest rates to try and maintain that return.

Finally, the demand in the real estate market will also cause mortgages to fluctuate. When more people are buying, mortgage rates rise. Competition is stiff, so you’ll have to pay more than someone else in order to secure a house. As demand decreases, mortgage rates fall to entice people to buy. Check out to see where things stand right now, and determine if home ownership is worth the investment. But keep in mind that if the economy continues to bounce back, those interest rates are likely to go up.


How you should get life insurance in a smarter fashion?


If you have started up a business recently and if your company consists a few number of employees, then you must be planning to offer life insurance cover to each of your employees. But opting for a traditional life policy or a personal life cover is way more expensive when compared to a relevant life policy. Well, this is a relatively newer type of life insurance policy, which is especially designed for those directors of small start-ups, who want to provide death in service benefits to all of their employees. One of the greatest advantage of these types of policies is that they offer substantial tax benefits both to the employers as well as employees. So, if you are planning to purchase personal life insurance policies for all of your workers, it would be wiser for you to know about its beneficiary alternative option as well. Just take a look at the exclusive features of relevant life policy before making a final decision.

The restrictions to qualify for this -

Well, there are certain restrictions to qualify for the relevant life policies and to become eligible for the substantial tax benefits that it offers -

  • The benefits must be provided before the client celebrates his 75th birthday.
  • The employer can opt for this policy for his employee’s single life cover.
  • The policy must provide only a lump sum amount of death benefit and no sort of disability, premium payment benefits or critical illness benefits are allowed in this policy.
  • No sort of surrender value can be imposed upon this policy.
  • One cannot opt for this policy only for the tax avoidance purposes. This is why the employer is not included as a discretionary beneficiary in most of the companies.
  • The benefits must be paid to a charity or an individual, or also to a trust and this must be used for the benefits of a charity or an individual.
  • All the benefits must be paid through a discretionary trust.
  • The company must not contain the number of employees, which is required to apply for a group life registered scheme.


The benefits of relevant life insurance policy


After knowing how does relevant life insurance work and the different restrictions of this policy, you must be interested to know the several benefits that one can obtain from this type of cover -


  • If the local trade inspector can be convinced of the fact that all the benefits are exclusively part of trade expenses, the employer can enjoy a relief on taxation.
  • Employee with high earnings can keep it separate from their annual allowances or pension funds.
  • Since the benefits are not paid in kind, they are not subject to tax. Neither the employee, nor the employer are subject to National Insurance.

Top Human Resources Tips for Small Business Owners

human resource tips

More often than not as a small business owner your most important asset is your workforce and it can be where your enterprise lives and dies. This is true as it is your workforce who has to carry out your instructions and implement your vision for the business and it is they who are in far more regular contact with your customers, clients and suppliers than you are yourself. As such, a high quality, motivated workforce can be the difference between success and failure for any small business, regardless of the sector or other extraneous factors. It is, therefore, vital for small business owners to make all of the right decisions regarding their staff and workforce, and this article will aim to offer some guidance as to how to ensure that you are making the most of a valuable asset.

Don’t Hire People Lightly

When you do take on new members of staff it is crucial to keep in mind just how important a decision it is for your company. You may well have plenty of work that you would rather be getting on with instead of vetting or interviewing prospective workers, but in the long term it will pay to be thorough. When selecting new staff you must try to take all factors into account, which includes not only assessing the applicant’s abilities or experience, but also considering how they will gel with your current staff.

You can employ someone with glowing references and outstanding skill, but if they cause upset and disharmony in the office then that will destroy any benefits that they may bring. It is also worth considering an applicant’s potential and breadth of skills when taking on new staff, as a less experienced applicant or one who has knowledge of different roles and sectors may grow to become a more valuable asset in the future.

Morale is Key

As crucial as ensuring that you have the right people on board is ensuring that you can keep them working to their full potential and, to this end, keeping morale high is crucial. There are lots of ways in which to ensure good morale amongst the workforce, but some of the better methods include – offering financial incentives or bonuses, encouraging a healthy culture of competition within the office, offering praise as well as criticism and trying to develop a practice of promoting from within where it is appropriate. All of these methods will help to keep your staff happy and assured that their good work will be rewarded and appreciated.


Another key facet in the management of a small business’s workforce is that of effective training, and this can be a key weapon in a business owner’s arsenal. Whether it be in areas such as health and safety or legislation, where training is essential and mandatory, or in areas of management or analysis, where training is offered by companies, such as Viewpoint, a good training program is the best way to ensure that your staff are on message and able to move your business forward.

Author Bio

The author is a freelance writer who has been writing on a professional basis for the past twelve months. He specialises in creating concise articles and short blog posts on a multiplicity of different topics, which often involve offering hints and tips to readers. A great deal of his work has been used by a variety of websites and blogs in the past twelve months.


Lucrative Benefits Lined Up With Unsecured Personal Loans


Some good reasons support unsecured personal loan, but it is always on the side of candidate to make the right selection. A significant percentage of unsecured personal loans are promoted to customers with bad credit score. This does not necessarily means that unsecured personal loans cannot cope with the requirements you have. However, it is equally important to optimize the loan mix with a view to get the most profitable interest rates at suitable repayment terms. To have an access to most preeminent financial situation, get used to following details:

  • What an unsecured personal loan is?
  • How is it a good idea?
  • How it can be a bad idea?

For people who have reached the zenith of credit cards and still, in quest of some good sources for borrowing money can consider settling on personal loan. Do not be bamboozled and settle on low marketing propaganda. If you are a good borrower, then look for unsecured personal loan available at comparatively low interest rates. This option proves to be worthy than credit card debts. However, unsecured personal loan can be little expensive for consolidating debt if your credit score is bad.

About Unsecured Personal Loan

You must be acclimatized to the word “Loan” with most common among them is “Secured Loans”. Secured loan being the most preferred loan type includes auto loans and home mortgage loans. Lenders offer loans only against collateral, which borrower provides as a security for loan repayment. This further means that if you failed to repay loan on time, lenders has authority to seize your home and even repossess the car. Besides this, lenders can approach court and force borrower to pay the remaining balance, if any, left over the cost of car and home.

In general, lenders provide unsecured personal loan only after considering certain aspects such as personal guarantee of borrower to repay loan, credit reports, housing stability, and employment, debt-to-income ratio and credit score. If borrower is rated as high-risk and still, qualifies for the loan, then the interest charged on loan amount is little high. Credit card debt is another most common debt that is flexible and comes with revolving balance.

Some common attributes of unsecured personal loan

  • Purpose of loan: Among the most common reasons associated with loan borrowing include big-ticket items like appliances, weddings, debt consolidation and other emergency costs.
  • Terms: This category of loan is provided for short tenure of one to five years.
  • Interest rate and other charges: There is no doubt that interest rates of unsecured personal loan are high even if a top lender offers it. Interest rate on unsecured personal loan offered by reputed financial institutions many vary from 10.8 to 30%. However, rates offered by online lenders are far beyond the reach of common people. So, what is more lucrative is to scour for loan that can content your need and is easy on the pocket.

If you earn good and have good credit score, then you are probably the right candidate for unsecured personal loan. Lucky candidates who qualify for this loan can garner great benefits by paying off high-cost debt at comparatively low interest award.

This is one of the best resources for  unsecured business lending that you can find online.

Lexicon You Must Tag On When Getting Approval for Mortgage Loan


The accessibility of several options to get the most of real estate assets has paved ways for many opportunities. Nowadays, individuals’ requirements for short-term funding can be fulfilled easily if a person has immovable property in superior location that can ensure great return on  investments. Certainly, mortgage loan has turned out to be a preeminent way of financing any purchase of property in prime location. By the time borrowers’ haven’t made complete payment, lender has ownership interest in property and can seize it if borrower failed to pay the amount.

This definition is only to let you know what mortgage loan exactly is, but below given is a quick review of credit problems and compiled list of glossary that you must recognize before seeking approval for mortgage loan.

Credit Problems

Do not assume that negligible credit issues like illness and loss of income can limit your choice of loan to high-cost lenders. Even if there is some negative information in your credit report, some good reasons can add to your profile as a borrower and lenders can consider approving your loan for home on the basis of that. However, if your credit problems failed to explain your situation, then you will possibly have to pay more than the other borrowers do. So, you must have very clear concept of how credit history can affect loan price and what should you do to improve credit history and get better price.



ü  Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): Mortgage with flexible rates can be referred to as ARM or “Adjustable Rate Mortgage”. Most significant trait of this type of mortgage is its flexible rates that keeps on changing during the term of loan and entirely depends upon index rate. ARMs normally offer comparatively low interest than loans with fixed rate. In general, the interest rise and fall over the term of loan, but loan agreement normally sets minimum or maximum rate.

ü  Annual Percentage Rate (APR): APR is the cost of debt expressed as annual rate. For closed-end loans like car or mortgage, APR comprises points, interest rate, broker’s fees and other credit charges.

ü  Fixed rate loans: In general, loans come with repayment terms ranging from 15 to 30 years. In this type of loan, both interest and monthly payment remains the same throughout the tenure of loan.

ü  Conventional Loan: This type of mortgage loans is different from those insured and guaranteed by government agency like “Federal Housing Administration” and “Veterans Administration”.

ü  Escrow: Escrow is possession of money and documents by third party prior to closing on property. Moreover, it can either be the account managed by lender to which homeowners transfer money for taxes and insurance.

ü  Lock-in: Lock-in is a written agreement that guarantee a specific rate of interest on home loan to borrowers provided that loan will be for term of 30 0r 60 years.

ü  Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): PMI protects lenders against the loss if borrower is a defaulter or fails to pay the amount of loan. Depending upon the size of mortgage loan and amount of down payment, borrowers will be required to pay additional premium of $100 -200 a month or even more.

These are some of the lexicons that go together with mortgage loan and are very important to get accustomed to in order to  have better understanding of mortgage loans and  the conditions it stand by.


About Author: Lucy is a business finance specialist providing financing advice and assistance to small and medium sized businesses. To get more information on the topic of Cash Finance Sydney go visit find out more about Cash Finance




Common Financial Mistakes You Make in Your Twenties

save money


Childhood quickly comes to a close when one gets out of high school. You can no longer survive solely on babysitting and doing odd jobs. You will have to figure out how to budget, attend college, and work for your money. Decisions that are made when one is in their 20s could affect him or her for life. It is important that you take care of your finances so you will have money available as you get older.


Retirement Funds

More places of employment are no longer contributing funds towards retirement funds. If you want a decent size account when you retire, it is up to you to begin planning it ahead of time.


Student Loans

College comes with added expenses and student loans are how many people pay for school and bills. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to miss payments, or avoid paying off your loans. If you are having problems paying your loan payments, then contact the lender and see if you can consolidate your loans.


Credit Cards

Credit cards can destroy your financial future. It is easy to see credit cards as imaginary money. If you want a strong financial future, then you will want a good credit score. This comes from paying diligently on your credit card debt. Never spend more than you can afford and pay off.


Stop Impulse Shopping

Retail therapy sounds good, but it can damage your financial freedom. You may get the latest gadgets, but there is no guarantee that you can resell them. The best way to prevent impulse shopping is to give yourself spending money, as long as you keep it in cash form.


Wedding Budgets

Weddings can be extremely expensive. If you want a large wedding, you should start saving up for the ceremony as soon as you can. Make sure you plan for flowers, photographer, dresses, and anything else you may want in your ceremony. When it does come time for your wedding, bargain shop wherever it is possible.


House Shopping

Many people rush into purchasing a house. Having a home is considered to be part of the American Dream, but it can lead to financial ruin if you do not plan accordingly. Purchasing a house can be simple, but selling a home or refinancing may be more complicated. It also comes with many burdens that many do not plan for, such as home repairs and maintenance costs. Suffering a foreclosure can make purchasing a home, opening a bank account, or any other financial need extremely difficult.


Being presented with the world can be overwhelming, and can quickly spell disaster if you do not prepare yourself. If you build a savings account starting when you get a job, then you will have a better financial future. You should also prepare for all large investments before making them. Whether you are getting married, taking a trip, or buying a house, planning your future should be done with great care and consideration to prevent problems as you age.


Sara Keller is a finance writer that loves sharing her expertise with others. She also finds a great opportunity for high returns.