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Looking for great deals on Caravan Insurance?

At we offer an easy to follow guide that can assist you in obtaining the best caravan insurance. Our guide provides a detailed review of the different types of caravan insurance policies allowing you to review the information and make the most informed decision. With any holiday or vacation, ensuring that you have adequate insurance is always an important duty. The great outdoors within the UK offers some of Europe’s best caravanning sites that are situated throughout the country in the UK’s top beauty and tourist destinations including Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

There are many great caravan and camp sites throughout Great Britain. Whether you have a Caravan, Touring Caravan, Motorhome, or even a Static Caravan, you can get instant access to cheap caravan insurance policies. Visiting a Caravan insurance comparison site such as Quotezone offers great savings on caravan insurance quotes and motorhome insurance quotes by providing current prices available from a selection of the top UK caravan insurance companies.

Why do you need Caravan Insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have your caravan insured if it is a touring caravan or a trailer caravan as it will use the main roads.

What do Caravan insurance policies cover?

It will generally depend on the usage of the caravan, the more comprehensive the cover; the more cover you will have should anything happen to your caravan. Again depending where and how often you travel will determine the extent of cover that you will require. Caravan insurance cover can include

  • Storm or flood damage
  • Theft
  • Fire, smoke damage
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Weather damage

What should I look for in an insurance policy?

Caravan insurance policies will depend on what cover you are seeking. If you are looking to insure the caravan for family and friends and European cover, there are many options available. Be sure to get a selection of caravan insurance quotes so you can make the best informed decision. It is important to read your policy carefully. Be sure that you have enough cover for your valuables. It may also be worthwhile insuring your caravan against theft, accidential damage and storm damage.

What do caravan insurance policies not include?

Using the caravan insurance comparison, you will be able to get several quotes based on the information that you have submitted. Be sure that you have carefully researched how much cover is included in the policy. Other important considerations include the age of your van, mechanical and electrical breakdown, contents, wear and tear, vermin damage and mildew damage, all of which may be included in some policies and not in others.

Caravan Insurance Comparison

You can be sure that you are provided with the best caravan insurance quotes currently available by using the caravan insurance comparison link provided. By clicking through, you will be able to obtain current quotes from the leading insurance brokers. Once you have all the quotes available then you will be able to select the best and if necessary the cheapest caravan insurance quote available. Obviously the quotes will vary depending how much cover you require but you will be able to compare all quotes in detail. Whether you are looking for static motor home insurance, caravan insurance, park home caravan insurance or campervan insurance, you can be sure that you will get the best caravan insurance comparison from the UK’S leading caravan insurance companies.

The cost of caravan insurance will vary depending on the type of caravan you have, the age of the caravan, current value, how comprehensive the insurance is that you require, location of the caravan and various other aspects. All caravan insurance companies provided are trusted and established companies that deal with 1000’s of quotes each year. They all offer a range of insurance packages at competitive prices.

Types of Caravan Insurance

Caravan insurance covers 3 main types of caravans

  • Static caravan insurance – This insurance covers for caravans that are fixed in one location such as holiday parks and camping sites.
  • Touring caravan insurance – This insurance covers caravans that are travelling on the road and are connected to your car.
  • Trailer tent and folding camper insurance – This insurance policy generally provides insurance for yearly touring and storage.  Also cover for weather damage to awnings

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How can I make my caravan more secure?

Protecting your caravan with a good security system is important and can make a big difference to your insurance premium. Security systems can deter thieves and offer better protection for your caravan especially when you not inside it.

Top tips for improving your caravan security

  • Install an alarm or security system for your caravan
  • Use wheel Clamps for your caravan when it’s not in use
  • Use a hitch lock on your caravan when it is not in
  • Set up an installation of a tag or tracker on your caravan. This will offer a tracking device should it be stolen.

Compare Caravan Insurance quotes

Compare Caravan Insurance  allows you to carefully assess the different insurance policies available.

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The quote system gives you instant access to quotes from the top Caravan Insurance companies, each of which can offer you competitive prices and different levels of cover on your boat insurance. This way you get the best quotes from the major insurance companies, allowing you to find the best suited Caravan Insurance policy for your budget.