Horse Box Insurance

horsebox insurance

If you are a professional horse rider, jockey or member of the horse club, transporting your horse will be a very responsible task that will require a horsebox. Why put yourself and your horse at risk by not having horsebox insurance.

The types of Horsebox insurance policies available

There are several types of insurance that include fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft. Insurance policies can cover Social, Sporting, Domestic & Business cover depending on what cover you will require.

  1. Private Use – include cover for Pleasure including commuting and insurance cover for those who transport their own horses for pleasure purposes only.
  2. Business Use – this cover is suitable for farmers, equestrian and other businesses
  3. Horse Transporters – this insurance policy can be suitable for those that pay for hire to transport their horses.

How much will the horsebox insurance cost?

The cost of insurance policies will vary depending on many factors. These may include the type of use for the horsebox, the current value of your vehicle and also how many divers will be insured. Any previous claims, convictions or points on your licence will of course affect the cost of the horsebox insurance policy. Whether you take out fully comprehensive horsebox insurance or third party, fire and theft horsebox insurance will also affect the total cost.

Why you need horsebox insurance?

Transportation of a horse or multiple horses and ponies is a big and responsible task and can be very stressful with all the safety precautions and concerns that have to be taken into account. Horseboxes can be very costly therefore having spent so much money on transport and your horse; it will only make sense to ensure that your horsebox is also adequately insured. .

What horsebox insurance can include?

Cover is there to protect you whilst in transit, at home, in storage or during competitions. So no matter what your day to day equine activities are, or the frequency in which you require usage of your motorised horsebox, you can be sure that we have the right insurance policy for you. Some main features of cover include

  • Full Breakdown Cover
  • Cover for Personal Possessions including horse equipment
  • Cover for up to six horses carried in one trip
  • Maximum value cover of up to £25,000
  • Limited mileage discounts available
  • Club Discounts available
  • Theft
  • Criminal damage

Compare horsebox insurance quotes

Compare boat insurance allows you to carefully assess the different insurance policies available.

QuoteZone’s Insurance Comparison Quote System could save you some you time and money. All you need to do is simply fill in your details once on our 1 stage form, and they will pass your details to the selected boat insurance providers who will then call you with a suitable quote!

The quote system gives you instant access to quotes from the top horsebox insurance companies, each of which can offer you competitive prices and different levels of cover on your horsebox insurance. This way you get the best quotes from the major insurance companies, allowing you to find the best suited horsebox insurance policy for your budget.